Teaching Exchange Students the Art of Gratitude

Teaching Exchange Students the Art of Gratitude

CSIET (Council on Standards for International Educational Travel) is offering a free webinar called “Teaching Students the Art of Gratitude” on Wednesday, May 31 at 1pm ET.

As we prepare to say goodbye to the NH22 host students and welcome the NH23 group, this thought-provoking topic may be of interest to Support and Orientation volunteers as you consider how cultural differences can affect the way gratitude is expressed and how you can incorporate this topic into your discussions with AFS host students.

Read the below information from CSIET for additional information and a link to register for the webinar:

How can we boost gratitude among J-1 and F-1 students?

This student is so ungrateful.” Every year, as a Local Coordinator you hear some families make this dreaded statement. When a student seems ungrateful, is the problem personal or cultural? In fact, culture plays a major role in this all-too-common problem.

Gratitude American-Style

Learn how gratitude customs in the USA differ radically from other cultures around the world and explore three facets of American-style gratitude that students need help understanding and practicing:

  • Say it – Students need training/practice to say thanks the American way.
  • Write it – Students need training/motivation to write even the simplest thank you note.
  • Show it – Students need to learn how to show/share positive emotions and enthusiasm.

In this session, you will gain deep insights into the problem and the solution. You will also receive a handy lesson plan and handouts for a quick, easy-to-implement online training program that trains – and motivates – teens to show gratitude the American way.

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