This Week in the Volunteer Recruitment Campaign

This Week in the Volunteer Recruitment Campaign

Thank you for sharing the Facebook post about becoming a volunteer last week! If you missed the opportunity, you can still join the wave of sharing the AFS post on your Facebook page.

Are you interested in helping us during this recruitment campaign? We have space for your ideas and creativity! Fill out this quick survey if you have great ideas for how to reach potential new volunteers on the local, regional, or national level. We’re also developing resources to help teams integrate new volunteers!

We’ll soon have progress reports available for you to keep track of how your region is doing with the goal of recruiting 75 new volunteers over the summer, so stay tuned.

Know someone who’s ready to volunteer? Point them to the registration portal here, and we’ll get them started. What if they want a little more information about volunteering? They can sign up for an info session here.

Please reach us at for any questions you have about the Volunteer Recruitment Campaign or sign up here to take part!