Update on AFS’s 2022 Summer Programs

Update on AFS’s 2022 Summer Programs

The AFS-USA Study Abroad, Travel, and Orientations teams are all very happy to share that we now have AFSers on program in Argentina, Denmark, and Kenya. Despite overcoming some travel challenges, all participants are now on program, and we are getting very positive reports about their experiences so far. Sharing some photos of our participants in Denmark and Kenya below. We are also excited that our Global Prep Spain program has just departed.

As we posted previously, we are also very happy that the return of our summer programs marks the return of our Faces of America participants. We want to especially thank AFS-USA volunteers, Debbie Veatch and Suzanne Sebert, who also operate the Quest Foundation (one of our Faces of America partners). They have been working tirelessly with Quest applicants, and we are finally able to send these participants abroad after two years of waiting (for many of them)!

Thanks also to all of you for supporting our summer program applicants in different ways- whether by conducting interviews or running orientations! It is wonderful to be able to see the successful participation of these programs again!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact studyabroad@afsusa.org.

Thank you!