Register Now for the 2021 AFS Virtual Summit!

Register Now for the 2021 AFS Virtual Summit!

is now open for the 2021 “hybrid” AFS Summit, which will be held during the first weekend of November.

As part of this year’s AFS Summit, online content will be offered via Zoom to all AFS volunteers. To kickoff the Summit, there will be an opening address by AFS-USA President, Tara Hofmann, starting at 8pm ET on Thursday, November 4.

Other virtual sessions during the weekend will be on Saturday and Sunday, November 6 & 7. More details can be found below.

During this same weekend, volunteer and staff members of the National Council, National Council Advisory Groups, and National Council Committees will be attending our in-person Summit in the Washington, DC area.

The theme of this year’s Summit is “Leading Together” and much of the content will connect to six organizational imperatives that have been identified for AFS-USA in the coming year.

The six imperatives for this Summit include:

  • Manage Financial Challenges
  • Advance the AFS-USA School Strategy
  • Become More Diverse and Inclusive
  • Digitally Transform Programs and Operations
  • Engage Volunteers
  • Heighten Visibility

At the Virtual Summit, the National Council and each National Council Advisory Group is planning a 75 minute session, which will be delivered on Saturday and Sunday afternoon (Eastern Time), November 6-7. The online sessions will include a mix of live and pre-recorded content on topics related to the work of these advisory groups – compliance, hosting, orientations, school outreach, sponsored programs, study abroad, support, travel, and volunteer engagement.

In addition, the National Council Committees (Communications, Nominations & Selection, and Volunteer Recognition) will be presenting about the work of the National Council and national volunteer opportunities that are available for AFS volunteers.

If you register for the Summit, you will have the opportunity to view the recorded sessions later, if there are sessions you are unable to attend during their scheduled times. The complete agenda, with specific session times and Zoom links, will be emailed during the week leading up to the Summit to all who register for the Virtual Summit

Please register here to attend this year’s AFS Virtual Summit and join AFS-USA Volunteers across the U.S. in Leading Together to create a stronger AFS-USA and to build on our mission.

We hope you will join us in a couple of weeks!

The AFS Summit Planning Committee